Developing High Performing Teams

Maximise Collaboration

  • Leadership and Team Coaching
  • Tapping into your team’s strengths
  • Discovering what makes your team ‘tick’ and ‘ticked off’.
  • Develop action plans to support helpful behaviours and to minimise unhelpful behaviours

Minimise Conflict

  • Work with teams in conflict to develop realistic plans for cooperation and collaboration
  • With your team, develop strategies for dealing with difficult situations with each other, with clients and with customers
  • Provide expert technical assessments to ensure compliance with workplace regulations


“Kept apart we’re capable of unbelievable treachery. Brought together we’re capable of unimaginable generosity”
(John McDonald)
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Our Approach

At ProActive, we understand that your workplace is unique. Context is all important. We understand that one size does not fit all. Each team is a unique mix of people, skills, resources and opportunities. There is no team like yours. That’s why our focus is on best principles and not best practice. What works for one team or organisation may not work for you.

Our Team
Group approach



ProActive ReSolutions was called due to an exceptionally difficult set of problems in a large department consisting of more than forty staff members. Our traditional problem solving approach including conciliation, had failed. ProActive’s approach, which I consider to be unique, resolved a series of complex interpersonal and culturally ingrained problems.

Michael S.
General Manager

ProActive’s Conferencing has provided workers and managers in the Philadelphia region with an alternative to the Alternative Dispute Resolution industry…theirs is the real "alternative" because it is premised upon conflicted parties' creativity rather than their destructiveness, their common sense rather than their adversarial impulses and their propensity to help one another rather than damage each other. The method is not only a cost efficient process, there is a humane vision at its foundation. The more I observe human resources professionals integrating the methods into their work, the more I notice them becoming inspired by the untapped potential inherent in the problems that they face daily.

John L.

I found the workshop to be of great value. I have been working in the area of workplace conflict management for approximately 15 years. The Proactive Conferencing workshop gave me a new perspective and approach for dealing with conflict - one that is based on informed theory, clear values and solid practice. For me, the best part of the workshop was learning from the facilitator, who provided clear guidance and instruction, and offered perspectives on his experience with the model which deepened my appreciation for it.

Kathleen M-J.

When our workplace attitude survey showed that we could do more to encourage greater cooperation between people in different business units, we decided that we wanted our in-house Human Resources Team to deliver an effective workplace training program to address the situation. Because of the experience and expertise that they offer, we turned to ProActive ReSolutions for both the content of the workforce training program and for training of our facilitators. We were very pleased by the service and product provided. Both the workforce and facilitator training programs are excellent, based on high quality materials that are easy to use, consistent with the laws and regulations of our jurisdiction, and easily adaptable to our specific needs.

Geri R
Human Resources Manager