The value of satisfied employees for your company

How do you promote respect and honour in your organisation and then share that story when talking about your brand? These five tactics can help.

Ask interview questions that highlight respect.

Ashley Moore, a conflict resolution specialist at ProActive ReSolutions, a firm that works with organisations to build respectful workplaces, says a job candidate’s behaviour during group interviews often provides clues about respectful behaviours.

“See how they defer when others are speaking, or if there is competition between them,” she says. “Look for people who share the spotlight or ask others what they think, even though they’re not the interviewer.”

Teach people how to get along.

A policy that calls for respect and honour won’t change employee behaviour. A survey of 8,000 employees by ProActive Resolutions found:

69% of respondents know about their organisation’s respectful workplace policies.
58% said their employer didn’t provide training about how to respond to disrespect.
32% were aware of two to five instances of disrespectful behaviour at work.

Sending a few people to mediation and facilitated discussion training ensures you have in-house folks who can provide supportive resources to address disrespect in a constructive way. “That exists in even smaller organisations,” Moore says.

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