Get the Best Out of Your People

ProActive has developed a suite of integrated, standardized and evidence-based products to manage organizational conflict. We categorize each product into one of three streams—Prevent, Repair, and Protect—according to their primary objectives. While they all serve a purpose and are equal in importance, they all have a common goal: to build a respectful workplace. They are also interconnected, and together are greater in impact than each product on its own.

Prevent offers solutions to help establish and maintain respectful behaviors in the workplace. Whether this is addressing miscommunications, missed expectations or just ongoing dialogs, a respectful workplace empowers employees to openly communicate and discuss issues or solutions in an environment where they feel safe and secure to do so.

Repair provides a proven method that allows an organization to reconcile differences both among employees and between management and employees. We provide a framework to transform conflict into cooperation and improve organization efficiency.

Protect provides organizations with the necessary tools to perform violence risk assessments to ensure that they are able to identify and address any potential risks resulting from internal /external conflict, employees issues or organization issues.

The Science Behind Our Approach

Although the three ProActive product streams differ in many respects, they have important similarities.

First, our products are standardized. Each has an explicit, flexible structure, one that allows for customization to reflect the unique needs and circumstances of every organization. This ensures that each product is delivered consistently, regardless of who delivers it or where it is delivered.

Second, our products are evidence-based. Each was developed by our own experts, guided by relevant theory and research. This ensures each product achieves the best results possible.

Third, our products are integrated. They comprise a comprehensive suite of products that addresses the most common forms of harmful conflict that affect organizations. Individually, each was based on the same set of core concepts. This ensures that each product is consistent with and builds on the others, rather than ignoring or contradicting them.

The Proof is in the Numbers

ProActive products deliver proven results – the numbers speak for themselves: