Protect: Minimize Harm

ProActive Resolutions offers a proven, leading edge risk assessment solutions and tools for identify potential violence in the workplace. Minimize harm in the workplace by identifying and assessing the potential threat of workplace violence before it happens. 

Violence is a fact of life – adults have up to a one-in-four chance of being a victim of violence in the workplace. For this reason, employers have legal responsibilities to take reasonable steps to protect their employees from violence. ProActive’s tools for assessing and managing the risk of violence are state-of-the-art: we not only use them ourselves, but we build capacity in organizations by training others to use them. The goal of our threat assessment and violence prevention services is to improve an organization’s ability to prevent and respond to the risk of violence on an ongoing basis in order to minimize harm to employees both within and outside of the workplace.

Workplace Violence Risk (Threat) Assessment and Management Services

We help minimize harm by providing violence risk assessment and management products —also called threat assessment and management—when there are warning signs of actual, attempted or threatened harm of an employee or the employee’s family, friends or property. First, ProActive can work with workplaces to triage, making rapid decisions regarding the nature and level of risk and whether any emergency response is required. Second, when the triage indicates it is required, we conduct comprehensive violence risk assessments to get a full picture of the risks faced by the workplace and develop an appropriate management plan. Third, we assist workplaces to implement, evaluate, and update their risk management plans.

Training, Development, and Support for Threat Assessment Teams

Some workplaces need to develop their own internal expertise in workplace violence risk assessment and management in the form of threat assessment teams comprised of senior managers and human resources, legal, and security professionals. ProActive helps workplaces establish these teams, develops best-practice policies and procedures, trains team members to understand or even conduct triage and comprehensive assessments, and provides ongoing support for teams to maximize their effectiveness and minimize harm in the workplace.

Take the necessary steps to ensure you provide a safe and secure workplace for your employees. Minimize harm in the workplace by ensuring that your organization has the tools and training to assess potential violent behaviours before they happen. To learn more about how we can help your organization identify and possibly prevent violence before it happens – contact us today or email us at!

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