Webinar – Structured Professional Judgment (CONCEPT)


February 24, 2016


1000 – 1130 (PST)


Dr. Kelly A. Watt


This webinar will provide an overview of the core steps involved in conducting a violence risk assessment using Structured Professional Judgment. Structured Professional Judgement is one of the most widely used approaches to violnce risk assessment in the world. Advances have been made to the core steps involved when using Structured Professional Judgment that are supported by both research and practice and reflected in the most recent tools (e.g., RSVP, SAM, HCR-20 V3, SARA V3). These core steps include 1) identifying and gathering relevant information; 2) determining the presence of risk factors; 3) determining the relevance of risk factors; 4) developing a formulation of risk; 5) developing primary scenarios of violence; 6) developing case management plans; and 7) communicating findings. The importance of each of these steps will be discussed as well and challenging issues that often arise.

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