Webinar – SARA Research Update (CONCEPT)


September 28, 2016


1000 – 1130 (PST)


Dr. P. Randall Kropp


The Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide has become popular worldwide as a method for assessing and managing risk for intimate partner violence (IPV). It has been translated into 10 languages and is used by diverse professionals in numerous countries across six continents. The third version of the guidelines, the SARA V3, was published in 2015 by Drs. Randall Kropp and Stephen Hart. This webinar will provide a review and synthesis of international research on the SARA and the Brief Spousal Assault Form for the Evaluation of Risk (B-SAFER), an abbreviated instrument derived from the SARA. The implications of this research for IPV risk assessment in law enforcement, victim services, forensic and civil mental health, correctional settings, and workplaces will be addressed. Finally, the webinar will describe the key changes and innovations incorporated into the SARA V3 along with the research and literature supporting these developments.

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