Webinar – Legal Issues and Violence Risk (CONCEPT)


March 23, 2016


1000 – 1130 (PST)


Dr. Stephen D. Hart


Workplaces have made great strides related to establishing threat assessment teams to assess and manage violence risk over the last two decades, as well as ensuring team members have the adequate skills, experience, and training to do this work. In the course of their experience assessing and managing violence risk, workplaces have encountered complicated legal issues, and some have even faced lawsuits. This webinar will focus on critical legal issues related to violence risk assessment and management in workplaces. Particular attention will paid to 1) duty to accommodate in cases where mental disorder is present; 2) managing parallel investigations; 3) the use of voluntary or involuntary leave as an interim or long-term management strategy; and 4) balancing right to privacy versus freedom of information. Increased awareness of these legal issues will assist professionals and workplaces to engage in best practices and to prevent potential liability.

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