HCR-20 Train-the-Trainer – London and York, UK

Programme Details

For ethical, legal, and clinical reasons, it is very risky for professionals to provide training in the use of a specific risk assessment tool – or for others to take training provided by them – unless the professionals have demonstrated competence in both the use of the tool and the training of others to use the tool. We are unable to endorse others as trainers unless we have directly evaluated their knowledge of principles of violence risk assessment generally, their familiarity with the professional and scientific literature concerning the HCR-20, their skills in the use of the HCR-20 V3, their skills with respect to training professionals, and the accuracy of the training material they use.

However, there are many professionals around the world who want training to use the HCR-20 V3 – in English, as well as in many other languages. Also, we know many professionals around the world who, in our estimation, would make excellent trainers. To help fill the gap in qualified trainers, we have developed an official “Train-the-Trainer” program that, for the first time, will allow us to certify others to deliver approved HCR-20 V3 training.

The Train-the-Trainer course is intended for professionals who already have experience using the HCR-20. It is appropriate for mental health, nursing, criminal justice, forensic, correctional, law enforcement, and occupational health and safety professionals. Please contact us with any questions at info@protect-international.com.

Step 1 – Registration (For London, complete by May 27, 2016; For York, complete by November 4, 2016)

Please submit the registration form, along with a resume outlining your experience with violence risk assessment generally; the Structured Professional Judgment model; and the HCR-20 Versions 2 or 3.

Step 2 – Qualification (For London, complete by July 29, 2016; For York, complete by January 6, 2017)

An important step in becoming a certified trainer is to demonstrate foundational knowledge and skills through successful completion of a written examination on violence risk assessment and the HCR-20 V3; and submission of an anonymised work product in the form of a violence risk assessment report based on the HCR-20 V3.

Upon registration:

Step 3 – Training (London dates are September 27-29, 2016; York dates are March 7-9, 2017)

The third step is to demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills by successfully completing a 3-day advanced training provided by HCR-20 V3 authors. This session includes a walk-through and demonstration of approved training materials, with explanations of the reasoning behind the materials, and the primary teaching points to be communicated to participants. It also includes discussion of issues in professional education, including how to optimize audience engagement and facilitate proper implementation of the HCR-20 V3 in various settings. The in-person session will also include opportunities to practice delivering training material.

Prior to the in-person training, participants will:

Step 4 – Practice (For London, by November 9, 2016; For York, by May 8, 2017)

The fourth step is to demonstrate training skills through supervised practice and review of participant evaluations.

Step 5 – Renewal and Support

The fifth step is to demonstrate on-going registration and qualifications through continuing education activities, and to take advantage of our on-going support system.

Participants must maintain annual registration status by:


There are numerous benefits in becoming a certified HCR-20 V3 trainer, for those who want to undertake in-house or closed training, as well as those who want to provide public or open training.

First, certified trainers will receive formal documentation attesting to this.

Second, at their request, their names will be published on the HCR-20 website (www.hcr-20.com).

Third, they will receive a license to use, adapt, or translate the authors’ official training materials, including any new, revised or updated materials.

Fourth, your workshop participants who complete workshops led by certified trainers will receive formal documentation of same, and a copy of this documentation will be kept on record for their future use.

Fifth, we will provide substantial on-going support, as follows:

To register for this programme, please complete the registration form on our brochure!