Ewert V. Canada: Implications For Forensic Practice (Webinar)


November 10, 2015


1300 – 1500 (MST)


Given the recent Federal Court ruling in Ewert v. Canada as it pertains to risk assessment with
Aboriginal persons in Correctional Service of Canada, there has been revived attention paid to the
question of the cross-cultural validity of risk assessments. How generalizable are risk assessments to
different people groups? What measures should a forensic clinician use to assess those from minority
groups? This webinar will provide clinicians with a rare opportunity to hear the opinion of multiple
Canadian experts in one forum. This session will be of interest to any professional involved in the
forensic assessment of minority populations in Canada and elsewhere.

The panel will be comprised of Dr. Stephen Hart, Dr. Karl Hanson, and Dr. Mark Olver. It is hoped
that by the time of the round table discussion that there will be one additional expert on the panel.

The webinar is scheduled to take place on November 10, 2015 from 13:00 to 15:00 Mountain
Standard Time. There will be no cost to attend this session. All you need to participate is a
computer with a speaker, Adobe Flash software (already installed with many web browsers), and
an internet connection. To register, simply email Dr. Andrew Haag at ahe.schedule@gmail.com
with a request to join the session. Please find the associated brochure here.