High Performance Leadership Coaching

What is High-Performance Leadership Coaching?

High-Performance Leadership Coaching is a series of structured coaching sessions supporting leaders to prevent and respond to people challenges in their workplace.  It is a progressive skills-building process that uses a behavioural focus, in unison with a person-centred approach supporting the organisation’s values and strategic objectives. One-on-one coaching is most common, though it can be applied at an advanced level with dyads and in group settings in order to build expertise.


How long is a High-Performance Leadership Coaching session?

A one-on-one High-Performance Leadership Coaching session includes approximately 45mins of coaching time, 30 mins of preparation time by ProActive and 30 mins of documentation and follow up time by ProActive. We understand the demands on a leader’s time and are comfortable in being flexible. To be effective, the coaching session itself should not be less than 30mins or no more than 60 mins in duration.


How do leaders benefit and how can they benefit the team?

High-Performance Leadership Coaching ensures the manager or leader can choose to consistently apply a conversational framework to a broad range of challenging managerial situations. It can also help reduce employee burnout, turnover and high-level conflict behaviours, as well as enhance innovation, productivity, satisfaction, team alignment with organisational goals, personal accountability, collegial respect, team morale and psychological safety.


How do you know when it’s enough?

High-Performance Leadership Coaching typically starts with an agreement to work on one or more goals over the course of 6 – 12 Coaching sessions. The coach then assists in identifying specific circumstances where new skills can support you in accomplishing identified. There may be special occasions where fewer, or further sessions are requested. Successful application of the High-Performance Leadership Coaching is accomplished when the following apply:

• Can you talk the coach through how you will resolve a challenging staff or team issue, and can you do this consistently?

• Can you demonstrate the application of your new concepts and skills in an emotionally charged, time-sensitive, or otherwise difficult situation?


How is our High- Performance Leadership Coaching different?

Leadership or Executive coaching commonly focuses on immediate behaviour change towards future individual-focused outcomes, often with objective measures such as promotion. In these models, coaches can be seen as advocates for the individual they are coaching. ProActive’s High-Performance Leadership Coaching prioritises the team and organisation’s goals over any individual leader’s aspirations. Our coaches seek to unite an individual’s efforts toward the organisation’s.


What are our confidentiality parameters?

Coaching is typically confidential with a sponsor being updated on progress. If there are concerns about threats to the safety of an individual, we regard this as an exception to that rule.

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