Does what we do at work make the world a better place?  That’s a question each of can ask as we go through our day. And that doesn’t mean that every day we have to solve global warming or protect others from aggressive or violent behaviour. It does mean however that we have a responsibility to do our best at whatever it is we do.

That only happens when we provide each other with the support we need, as opposed to the support we want. They’re often the same thing, but they’re often very different.

We’re at our most effective and efficient when unhelpful politics is kept at bay and when relationships in our team are respectful, appropriately robust, and honest. This isn’t fantasy. Effective teams, teams that make a difference, teams that make everyone’s day at work meaningful, give and receive feedback to each other in agreed and respectful ways.

ProActive can help your team move beyond cooperation and into collaboration. That’s when we’re truly at our most EFFECTIVE.