Community Engagement

Fruits - community engagement

ProActive’s reach extends to organisations working to create positive impact in the broader community. ProActive’s emphasis is on partnering with other future-focussed organisations.

Environmental Entrepreneurs Support Initiative (EESI): support that builds on local capacities is key to sustained change. The Environmental Entrepreneurs Support Initiative supports entrepreneurs who are creating a culturally-relevant future that works with their local physical environment, where the environment has an integral and sustainable role in their success. The initiative currently supports two local organisations in Cape Town, South Africa, Beyond Expectation Environmental Project and SA Urban Food & Farming Trust.

Evolving Securities Initiative (ESI): risks tied to changing environments call for innovative thinking and actions. The Evolving Securities Initiative was created to access, through dialogue, the collective knowledge and experiences of security professionals whose work sees them responding to new risks in the 21st century. This global network of thinker-doers are actively seeking new responses brought on by risks, be they in cyber security, climate change and technological advances.

Social Procurement: partnerships built on strengths and cooperation have the potential to make the world a significantly better place. ProActive’s expertise in social procurement initiatives is in creating and ensuring genuine stakeholder cooperation in the interest of maximising social impact.

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