Here’s a sampling of what our clients have to say about our products…

“After some nervousness about how a ProActive Conference might proceed, I found the introductory process highly inclusive, and the conference itself was managed in a very respectful way. The results were immediate in improving workplace communication and enabling all participants to feel heard and understood in the workplace.”
Su Kearns
HR Executive Director, Fair Work Ombudsman

“Morale is higher now than for many years, workplace changes that had stagnated for several months leading up to the intervention have now been implemented, absenteeism has reduced and people appear to be much happier at work”
Mike Grogan
HR Manager, Mining Industry (Coal), NSW Australia

“I’ve been receiving ProActive ReSolutions Newsletters for the past year. Not only do I find them extremely informative, but insightful and innovative too. ProActive ReSolutions explores the real issues that confront so many of today’s organisations as they strive to achieve long term sustainability in an increasingly competitive market place, while effectively managing their human resources to help realise that outcome. Finding the right balance between product vs people is a very real challenge, but for those organisations that take their values seriously, ProActive ReSolutions captures the essence of what managing people is all about’.
Maree Daly
Human Resources Manager, Tenterfield Shire Council

“It is incredible and unbelievable how well it is working. People, who in the past would not even look at each other, are now using Straight Talk and working out their differences in a professional manner.” Ms. Josie Rohne, Facility Manager, Comox Valley Regional District

“I am not sure if I had any pre-conceived objectives about the Respectful Workplaces workshop as I had not given it much thought, but this was one of the most worthwhile, sensible, direct and useful workshops I have ever attended. The way it was all put forward was the power behind it. This has enabled me to visualise being able to use and pass on some content in a worthy way for the staff to help towards a better work place”
Vera Fitzgerald
Nurse Educator, Cairns

“Where there was conflict, there has been a change. ProActive’s processes are about giving power back to people who think they’ve lost all power. By getting the problems out in the open, they get their power back.” 95% participants said they would recommend the training.
Greg Mullins
Commissioner, Fire Brigades, New South Wales, 7,000+ employees

“ProActive’s interventions have helped not only deal with the pressing problems of harmful behaviour, but have been instrumental in changing the culture. More respectful individuals created the possibility of bringing on teams that were more open to different ways of working, and the change of dynamic made it much easier to deliver the objectives set at the top of the organization. ProActive dealt with ‘toxic issues’…Rather than just push from the top, we tapped the change in behaviours from both the top and the ground-up”.
Grant Tidswell
Deputy CEO, Centrelink, 25,000+ employees

“We now have a much more positive culture with proper roll-out of the respectful workplace programme. The benefits are already clear to see. The improvement in culture has given me and my senior team more scope in taking tough decisions. It was easier last year to implement tough budget decisions because of the better quality of relationships throughout the organization.”
Peter Muir
Department of Juvenile Justice, Chief Executive, NSW Juvenile Justice, 4,000+ employees, multiple sites

“ProActive’s training reinforced that individuals, not only organisations, have a responsibility to ensure that colleagues are treated with respect and to resolve workplace concerns, The training clarified what a respectful workplace looks like and provided a conversational tool, ‘Straight Talk’ that staff could use to have difficult conversations with each other. The tool assisted staff to raise concerns in an objective, reasonable way and also assisted the staff member listening to respond constructively. ‘Straight Talk’ is now referred to widely across the organisation both to encourage employees to resolve concerns with each other and as a tool that can be used. Managers also use ‘Dialogue for Solutions’ to structure facilitated meetings between staff.”
Greg Rochford
Chief Executive, Ambulance Service of New South Wales, 4000 staff – 90% of whom are operational and work shift work at over 300 locations.