Managers in government agencies are often frustrated by regulations, policies, and procedures they see as constraining their ability to effectively manage workplace behaviour and relationships. Staff can feel equally helpless when dealing with problems in workgroups. A perceived lack of accountability underlies the often-heard phrase, “this wouldn’t happen in the private sector”.

The result? Leadership and collaboration give way to unhelpful strategies of confronting, avoiding, and triangulating in workgroups. People stop working to solve workplace issues directly with others, and instead end up running away or at war with others, or continually running to HR departments and unions to make things better.

ProActive works with government agencies to build cultures of respectful and responsible workplace behaviour; cultures based on leadership and collaboration at all levels of the organization. Such cultures enable even the most difficult conflicts to be resolved effectively. On the rare occasion when a person’s behaviour may actually present a threat to the physical safety of others, ProActive helps the organization to assess the risk of violence and provide the appropriate response.