The Impact of Conflict

The above outcomes are only a partial list of the impact of  conflict that can occur in  an organization. Although some conflict in the workplace is healthy, the impact of conflict that escalates into personality clashes, warring egos and a risk of violence can have a huge impact on productivity and the bottom line – costing organizations millions of dollars.

The sad truth is that many organizations do not have the tools to manage the impact of conflict in an effective manner and spend an excessive amount of time dealing with it – in many cases, without positive results.

So how can you deal more effectively with the impacts of conflict in the workplace? According to CPP Global’s Human Capital Report 2008*, the most common denominator to successful conflict resolution is formal training. Essentially training can lead to a better understanding of others and high-quality outcomes to workplace problems.

Conflict will never disappear, however arming yourself with the tools necessary to address it in a healthy, productive fashion will go a long way towards a more harmonious and productive workplace.

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*CPP Global Human Capital Report, “Workplace Conflict and How Businesses Can Harness it to Thrive”, July 2008.